The year was 2010. Iron Man 2 was the blockbuster superhero movie making over $128 million at the box office. Meanwhile, the MSM was on the search for its own superhero. Enter the Argentinian Iron Man Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Novelli.

Dr. Eduardo García-Novelli, a native of Argentina, is Professor of Music, Director of Choral Activities, and Chair of the Music Department at Carthage College where he conducts the Carthage Choir. He holds undergraduate degrees in music education from the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla, and in choral conducting from the Conservatorio Juan José Castro, both in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In his homeland, Dr. García-Novelli led for eight years the award-winning, 300-member high school choral program at Belgrano Day School in Buenos Aires, which included music theatre productions, and national, South-American, and European tours. Concurrently, he served as Assistant Director of the prestigious National Young People’s Choir.

Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Novelli moved to the United States to pursue graduate studies in music and graduated with distinction with a Master of Music from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, and completed his Doctorate of Musical Arts degree at the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas. Dr. García-Novelli served as Assistant Director of the Houston Symphony Chorus for five seasons, Director of Choral Activities at Lee College in Baytown, Texas for one year, and served six years as Director of Choral Activities at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas before arriving at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI.

Everywhere he has traveled Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Novelli has racked up a staggering list of distinctions, invites to feature at numerous music festivals and started a number of successful programs and initiatives to his credit benefiting both the institutes he was working for and the community at large. All of that would only touch on the prologue in the story of his illustrious career!

He has traveled the world and has a track record of excellence that follows in his wake. It’s easy to see why we would consider him the Argentinian Iron Man for his tremendous work ethic, ability to constantly be everywhere all the time and enough metal in awards and accolades to build his own suit. Most recently the Carthage Choir has earned top honors at the Spittal International Choir Competition, winning first place in the folk song category and the classical/modern choral works category to rank first place overall. They are the first group in the festival’s history to top both categories. The competition, in existence since 1964, accepts just one choir per country.

Since joining the MSM Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Novelli has continued to provide stability and collaboration by inviting local high school choirs to perform with the Master Singers at Christmas-time. He has a unique talent for pulling the best out of the group and finding new and challenging repertoire. A veritable encyclopedia of music knowledge, Dr. Garcia-Novelli keeps us on the cutting edge of performance and introduces the group to a diverse and rich repertoire from around the world attracting world-famous talent to join us for performances and musicians from around the world to come share their influence.

Whether it be his demand for musical excellence or demand that we bring in cake to share on our birthday the man who many affectionately call GN has allowed us to elevate our art and ourselves with an intensity for the music and a sense of humor about ourselves.

Stay tuned as we enter the latest decade of the MSM and hear more about how a group of Milwaukeeans and one native Argentinian took the MSM to the next level.
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