Master Singers of Milwaukee (MSM) has a strong history of music mastery that has transcended social trends: founded and directed by women at a time that was groundbreaking; thriving while other performance-based organizations floundered; we remain collaborative and community focused. Founded in 1973 MSM will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023.


  • Develop an annual season of a maximum of four concert series, that appeals to audiences across race, culture, and age with support from the MSM Artistic Committee.
  • Determine programming for each concert with support from the MSM Artistic Committee.
  • Serve as principal conductor for all programs and rehearsals.
  • Choose repertoire that is within the capacity of the choir to perform at highest level.
  • Recruit new singers with attention to diversity and inclusion.
  • Audition new members and continuing members as needed.
  • Determine qualifications and suitability of accompanying instrumentalists and other collaborative musicians.
  • Enhance the musical integrity of the Master Singers of Milwaukee and contribute significantly to the fulfillment of the organization’s artistic mission: “to perform the finest choral music and set the highest performance standards while engaging and educating audiences in Southeastern Wisconsin, while inspiring joy and fellowship, affirming that music is essential to the human spirit.
  • Be a brand Ambassador of the Master Singers of Milwaukee through Community Engagement and outreach.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced director of choral organizations, who is committed to the artistry and joy of choral singing with a demonstrated record of diversity in selecting repertoire and recruiting singers.

Please contact to apply.

A life-long resident of the Milwaukee area, MSM Treasurer Norman Wahn (Norm) has been a licensed
CPA since 1984. He is a 1980 Accounting graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is married,
and has three grown sons.

Norm has many years of experience in the financial areas wholesale distribution and manufacturing
companies. While working in the corporate sector, he also operated a home-based tax preparation business
as a supplement to his income. Over the years, Norm has also used his financial and administrative skills as
a volunteer for several community organizations in which he was personally involved, including a
condominium homeowners’ association, a youth sports league, and his local neighborhood association.

Norm has served as treasurer, at the board level, and doing the accounting work, including payroll and
filing of IRS Form 990, for several local musical groups:

  • Great Lakes Baroque, Ltd.
    • Early music group
    • Treasurer from 2014-2018
  • Ensemble Musical Offering
    • Early music group
    • Treasurer from 2006-2014
  • Milwaukee Choristers, Inc.
    • 70-voice chorus similar to Bel Canto and MSO Chorus
    • Treasurer since 2012
  • Master Singers of Milwaukee, Inc.
    • 30-voice chorus similar to Bel Canto and MSO Chorus
    • Treasurer since 2016
  • Community Chorus of Hales Corners
    • Informal community choral group – self-supported, no foundation or other grants
    • Treasurer from 2008-2017

In 2001, Norm was ‘downsized’ out of the corporate world after 23 years with the same company. In 2003,
he purchased an existing small business accounting and tax preparation business, Tosa Accounting & Tax
Service, which represented more than a five-fold expansion of the client base that he had before in this
home-based business. With minimal additional staff, Norm prepared well over 600 individual and business
tax returns annually, and did accounting and payroll for a number of other local businesses, until he sold the
business in 2013.

After a successful 10 year-run as an entrepreneur, Norm then returned to a smaller volume of tax
preparation, mainly for friends and family, working out of his home. He continues to serve as treasurer for
both the Master Singers of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Choristers.

Note: since we didn’t have a photo of Norm, this beautiful church represents him and his appreciation for choral music.

Photo by Nenad Spasojevic on Unsplash